A Visitor to the Forest – I

Venue: Post-Scripts Pavilion, Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok
Date: July, 2018
Artists: Jet Leyco (The Philippines); Anukul Cheaumon (Thailand); Chulayarnnon Siriphol (Thailand); Wasin Tirawattanawanich (Thailand); Bappaditya Das, Sudipto Basu (India); Mochu (India); Rohini Devasher (India)

Programme: Not a Soul (Leyco); Back To Life (Chueamon); Vanishing Horizon of the Sea (Siriphol); Between (grading) (Tirawattanawanich); The Universe of Bitterness (Chueamon); Cool Memories of Remote Controlled Gods (Mochu); Arboreal (Devasher)

Description: Ensconsed in a forested cove behind Thailand‟s first Postal building, the Praisaneeyakan, this program brings together works from across South and South East Asia, and perhaps like its thematic invocations around slowness, technology and hallucination, finds itself floating between and beyond its locational indexes. The films talk to the political and the phenomenological, the microbial and the planetary: a scalar incoherence (un)folding continually.

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