A Visitor To The Forest – III

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Venue: Tentacles Art Space, Bangkok Date: September, 2018 Artists: Laura Huertas Millan (Colombia/France); Nelson Perreira de Santos (Brazil)

Programme: Como Era Gostoso o Meu Francês (How Tasty was my Frenchman) (Perreira de Santos); A Journey to a Land Otherwise Known (Huertas Millan)

Description: Along with a lecture and a discussion series, this program brings together, contemporary films from Amerindia that tackle decolonial thought as it moves through anthropophagy and cannibalism: the local practice or belief that is equally a practice of being eaten up by one's food as much as that of eating it. Historically cannibalism emerged as a practice of how one predated, captured and digested the enemy, how one could move beyond notions of the self and move into questions of relations, with plant, animal and earthly matter. The films move through cannibalism's long shadowy presence in Brazilian modernism (most notably so Oswalde de Andrade, Glauber Rocha, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, to think about environmental living beyond living beyond the nature-culture, subject-object dyads that has governed much of western thinking.