A Visitor To The Forest – IV

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Talks and Engagement

Venue: TENT International Festival for Film and Media Art, Kolkata
Date: December, 2018
Artists: Anukul Chueamon (Thailand); Nontawat Numbenchapol (Thailand); Nguyen Trinh Thi (Vietnam); Lauren Reid (Australia/Germany/Thailand)

Programme: Back to Life (Chueamon); Boundary (Numbenchapol); Letters from Panduranga (Nguyen Trinh); Universe of Bitterness (Chueamon); Magnetic Realm (Reid)

Description: This curatorial package attempts to think through a visual imaginary of Zomia: the forested belt that connects South and Southeast Asia. Through its images we ask what are its beliefs, practices, who makes up for it? What then is the Zomia‟s relation to the state, to borders, to indigenous communities and their cosmologies? What are its currencies, its cultures of violence? What is a medium in the Zomia? A shaman? A mobile screen? Or a radio set? And what is its relation to data, glitch and infrastructure? Can then the Zomia then at all be represented? Or does it stand to wither away into a concatenation of noises?