A Visitor To The Forest – V


Venue: Tentacles Art Space, Bangkok Date: December, 2018 Artists: Pedro Neves Marques (Portugal/USA)

Programme: Where To Sit At The Dinner Table? (Neves Marques); Exterminator Seed (Neves Marques)

Description - This screening program will continue the discussions initiated by the Forest Curriculum around anthropophagy - or the Amerindian practice of ingesting/devouring/eating the enemy - we return to a familiar premise around excess and moderation, food and eating, self and other. The Anthropofagic movement, led by Andre de Oswalde, underlined hybridity as hallmarks of the tropics, a condition where life was deeply entangled to matter, to friend, to enemy. It is this life between the self and the other, most primordially enacted by the act of eating that we revisit the term today but highlight its relevance to contemporary anthropology and indigenous struggles of the region.