On our Zomian Philosophies/ Introduction

The Forest Curriculum is an itinerant and nomadic platform for indisciplinary research and mutual co-learning. It proposes to assemble a located critique of the Anthropocene via the naturecultures of zomia, the forested belt that connects South and Southeast Asia. The Forest Curriculum works with artists, researchers, indigenous organizations and thinkers, musicians, activists. It was founded and is co-directed by curators Abhijan Toto and Pujita Guha. Abhijan Toto is an independent curator and researcher, who has previously worked with the Dhaka Art Summit, Bellas Artes Projects, Manila and Council, Paris. He is the recipient of the 2019 Lorenzo Bonaldi Prize at the GAMeC, Bergamo. Pujita Guha is currently a Ph.D student and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara and publishes on South and Southeast Asian cultures and ecosophical thought. The Forest Curriculum collaborates with institutions and organizations in South, Southeast Asia and beyond, including the Arts Network Asia for the Forest Curriculum’s Summer School program, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Ghost:2561 Festival, Bangkok, Thailand; SUGAR Contemporary, Toronto; Tentacles Artspace, Bangkok, Ideas City, Times Museum among others.

Initiated by Pujita and Abhijan Toto, who act as its directors, the Forest Curriculum is indebted to the work of countless shamans, aswangs and nagas, among others, and to the were-tigers that we are.

Pujita Guha

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