Notes Towards Imagining a New Univers(e)ity

This essay argues that the neoliberal university is beseeched by cosmological poverty. The university that is needed in its place is one that should be built around a Zomian cosmology - a non-humanist humanities itself.


 "A revision of what cosmological value is—of what fundamentally constitutes nature and culture—could in turn produce the necessary indisciplinarity in the university, undermining the schism between the humanities and the sciences, which are embodiments both of the qualitative and the quantitative, and the subjective and the objective respectively. These schisms have been a violence fundamental to the birth of the modern university itself. At such a time in the history of the university, when epistemes of science and technology accrue public validation, government funding (often tied to military and security systems); we believe that the value not just of the humanities needs to be restored but also the value of a non-humanist humanity itself—a Zomian cosmology instituted to the university itself. What might be of value is not the exploitative demands on labour that the university institutionalises, but life itself."


In Rito Carolina and Bill Balaskas edited Notes Towards a Praxis, Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2020.

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