Films from the Zomia we believe are not tethered to reality. And neither to fantasy. We think films provide us a way to think through our perceptual habits around nature, and what might it be to re-imagine naturecultures of the Zomian landscape.

As we continue to screen and discuss these films,  we ask where is  the zomia? Or rather what is it? What are its beliefs, practices, who makes up for it? A tiger? A broken military station ? Or a broken spirit that wafts across species and objects?  What are its currencies, its cultures of violence? Is the Zomia a region where history goes to thrive or die? What is the Zomia’s relation to technology? What is a medium in the Zomia? A shaman? A mobile screen? Or a radio set? And what is its relation to data, glitch and infrastructure? Can then the Zomia then at all be represented? Or does it stand to wither away into a catacomb of noises ?